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Axey "Axe Cop" Smartist
Axe cop
Aliases Baby Mario
Axe Cop with Lemon
Axe Cop Fire
Date of birth 2004[1]
Gender Male
Portrayer[s] Nick Offerman (TV series)<Oscar Isaac (Axe Cop Movie)<Channing Tatum<Axe Cop 2>
Species Human
Family Bobber and Gobber Smartist (parents, deceased)
Flute Cop (brother)
Book Cop (great-great-great-great-great-grandfather)
Club Cop (ancestor)
Allies Flute Cop, Sockarang
Weapon[s] Axe, Lemon
First Appearance Last Appearance
Episode 1 N/A

Axe Cop is the hero and title character of the Axe Cop comics. Axe Cop is a cop with an axe who chops bad guys' heads off.


  • ‘’Axe Cop (2013 film)’’. Stars: Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Justin Timberlake, Adam Driver, F. Murray Abramson, Garrett Hedlund.
  • ‘’Axe Cop 2 (2015 film)’’. Stars: Channing Tatum.

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Axe Cop was born Axey Smartist in 2004 to Bobber and Gobber Smartist. [1]

Around the time Axey was ten years old, his parents died from eating too many candy canes...or so it appeared.

In actuality, Telescope Gun Cop, angry at the fact that Axe Cop had rejected him as a partner in the future, used Uni-Baby to travel back in time and poison the candy canes. Axey and his brother, Flute Cop, swore they would someday become cops and avenge their parents' death. However, they forgot about this- as well as the fact that they were brothers- after knocking into each other one day while walking backwards.[1]

When Axey was a kid, he attended Fighting School where Sockarang's Father was the teacher.[2]

One day, he took his axe to a cop station and signed up to become a cop.[3]. At the scene of a fire, he found the perfect fireman's axe. This was the day he became Axe Cop.[4]


  • Axe Cop Lemon - When Axe Cop got exposed to a lemon juice that got on him, Axe Cop became Axe Cop Lemon where Axe Cop can throw lemon bombs.
  • Axe Cop Fire - When Axe Cop is exposed to fire, he becomes Axe Cop Fire where he performs fire attacks.

Known facts about Axe CopEdit

Here are some known facts about Axe Cop as seen in "Ask Axe Cop":

  • Whenever Axe Cop goes on vacation, he goes to a hotel to sleep, eat, and watch movies. Axe Cop catches up on his sleep, eats only cake, and watch movies of him fighting on 30 televisions.[5]
  • The only dinosaur that Axe Cop prefers to ride on is Wexter.[6]
  • For a person to be on Axe Cop's team, they must have expert fighting moves and special weapons that could kill a bad guy. Axe Cop never accepts anyone who would punch themselves in the face or perform jab moves. If a bad guy tries to join Axe Cop's team, he'll know by their front kick move and kill them.[7]
  • Axe Cop once fought Chuck Norris where he incinerated him as Axe Cop Fire while Wexter ate his poodle.[8]
  • Axe Cop once killed an innocent merman when he mistook his good smile for an evil smile where the other merpeople state that there are no evil merpeople. Axe Cop cried over his mistake while Dinosaur Soldier comforted him.[9]
  • Axe Cop always prays to God for all sharks to become good and have legs. Axe Cop also prays for Satan to be thrown into a lake of fire.[10]
  • Before Axe Cop became a cop, he mostly slept a lot and ate a lot until the day a bad guy broke into his house. Axey gave the bad guy a poisonous apple which led to Axey becoming Axe Cop.[12]
  • The coolest way that Axe Cop has killed a bad guy is with a poisonous flower move.[13]
  • Axe Cop and his team eat wish-granting food for dinner.[14]
  • Axe Cop's house has two invisible doors: one for Axe Cop and one for Wexter.[15]
  • Axe Cop has a little robot in his moustache where it's small hands can come out and bring a variety of weapons for Axe Cop to use like a sticky dynamite gun and a golden axe.[16]
  • Following the deaths of their parents, Axey and Flutey were raised by their neighbors the Chihuahua Family. After Axey and Flutey became adults and were ready to live on their own, the Chihuahua Family turned into chihuahuas and went to live with the other chihuahuas in the wild.[17]
  • The worst weapons that Axe Cop has ever used included a flower gun that made him faint, a brain gun that shot a tentacled brain that eats peoples brains, and a rabbit gun that shot a lot of rabbits. One night, a bad guy named Stupid Rhino Head stole the worst weapons and died trying them out.[19]
  • On Independence Day, Axe Cop would remember his great-great-great-great-great-grandfather Book Cop and how he fought in the Revolutionary War.[20]
  • Axey once got in trouble with his mom for killing a Rabbit Who Broke All the Rabbit Rules.[21]
  • Whenever Axe Cop chops off a bad guy's head, he dumps them in the trash. When the garbage man sees this, his boss puts the bad guy heads into the head trash where they are then grounded into dust, planted to make head plants, and be purchased by people to have a second head.[22]
  • Axe Cop held some world records. The first one is for the most blades on an axe where 1,000 blades come out of his axe. The second one is when Axe Cop drinks Red Bull and goes very fast to kill a lot of bad guys. His third one was the hardest to get where he ended up jumping higher than Jump Man.[23]
  • On Halloween, Axe Cop dresses as a Wolvye (which is a cross between a werewolf and a vampire) where his goal is to get over 1,000 candies. After getting his candies, Axe Cop would sort the normal candies from the poisonous candies.[24]
  • On the night before Thanksgiving, Axe Cop visits every farm at night to handle all the farmer's choirs. With the help of Uni-Man, Axe Cop would wish for a magic forest and go hunting in it where he would send every dead animal to a family. Afterwards, Axe Cop celebrates Thanksgiving at his house where Uni-Man provides Axe Cop's team with the exact replica of the food that was served at the First Thanksgiving. On a related note, Dinosaur Soldier dresses his baby Wexy as an Indian because they got killed by the White People.[25]
  • On his last birthday, Axe Cop got an axe that can turn into a gun as he demonstrates it by turning it into a tornado gun. "Pin the Hand on Axe Cop" is a common game at Axe Cop's birthday party. Whenever Axe Cop doesn't see an candle shaped like him with two axes, he gets angry and shot a lot of tornadoes with his tornado gun. His anger was calmed when his butler Al Punch You In The Face got the right candle. A lot of people died that day.[26]
  • Axe Cop's station has many rooms in it. Most of them are full of his workers which consist of hypnotized bad guys who he previously killed and brought back to life with Ralph Wrinkles' powers where he would use the hypnotize button on his wrist to hypnotize them. The hypnotized bad guys do a lot of jobs in Axe Cop's station like making new axes, repairing old worn out axes, developing potions, and doing potion inventories. There is a room with a tiny robotic bugs are made where they bite bad guys with poison. One room is filled with bunk beds for Axe Cop's team. There is an exercise room where Axe Cop gets stronger. The cafeteria at Axe Cop's station is where the hypnotized bad guys are fed vitamins and fruit that keeps them healty and strong yet somehow shrinks them.[27]
  • Axe Cop has a lot of traps in and around his house like bear traps and mouse traps in his yard, glasses of water filled with poison, a seesaw that crushes bad guys when they get onto it followed by blinding them. If a group of bad guys sneak into the house, a giant cage falls where where robotic arms put special goggles onto them that makes the bad guys see each other as Axe Cop. A trap door will open where the bad guys fall onto spikes and are eaten on both sides by a lion and a tiger. The weapon room has a blade that cuts peoples faces off where the bad guy falls onto his lungs and dies. There is a moat around Axe Cop's house that is full of alligators and sharks that are friends and can attack anyone who jumps over the moat as well as anyone who uses a jet pack since the sharks can jump high into space.[28]
  • Axe Cop's idea robot is the Ultimate Robot which has a lot of features. The Ultimate Robot was built by Ultimate Man from Ulti-World who is the ultimate robot maker.[29]
  • Axe Cop seeked out the original owner of the perfect axe and later left some water guns for the fire department to use.[30]
  • Axe Cop got the idea of wearing a cat suit in his night mission from Super Axe.[31]
  • After the Pevensie children came out of the wardrobe that he purchased from an old man, Axe Cop visited Narnia where he met Aslan. As the Pevensie children were bored with Narnia, Axe Cop convinced Aslan to let him and his team join the battle against the White Witch. During the battle, Axe Cop put a unicorn horn on a griffin to turn it into a uni-griff as Axe Cop rode it to kill some of the White Witch's minions. After Axe Cop killed the White Witch's polar bears and the lead minotaur, he led the others into beating up the White Witch where Axe Cop bit off her face, Aslan fed on her remains, Mr. Tumnus threw the White Witch's brain to Heaven where an angel delivered it to Satan who threw it into the brain trash. Following the battle, Axe Cop invited everyone in Narnia to his house for a party.[32]
  • Axe Cop's idea for the super scariest haunted house has it start off normal. When the people walk into the Disco Dance Room, they will start to dance and have fun until zombies come out of the floor. The zombies will chase the people into a dark hallway as robotic cameras follow them while poking and stabbing them. Along the way, they'll encounter ghosts (who are wielding fake grenades), mummies (who are wielding fake grenades), a zombie with a gun and a sword, a devil baby, a regular baby that grows upon walking past it. The people will then fall down a trap door into a pit and be knocked out where they wake up having peed their pants. Then they go into the super-fast carnivorous dinosaur boat ride that goes down a super-fast waterfall. The final obstacle will be every monster squished together into one monster. Kids will cry and have nightmares for a year with parents having nightmares for six months. The robotic cameras also provide them with a DVD of their experience.[33]
  • Axe Cop's hat is used to prevent the sun from getting into his eyes. The star on his hat has different laser beam settings to help him fight bad guys (consisting of a hypno-beam, a freeze ray, a heat ray, a brain-melting ray, and a grabbing and cutting ray). There is also a beam in the center star where it helps to prove to other good guys that Axe Cop is on their side. The bill of the hat folds down to form a metal face. Axe Cop's other reason for wearing a hat is that he is embarrassed at the fact that he is bald.[34]
  • Axe Cop's childhood idol is Uncle Axe who was the first person to fight with an axe.[35]
  • Examples of Axe Cop's bad days including his axe breaking, a bad guy grabbing his axe to chop off Axe Cop's head where everyone lost their powers until the next morning. It turned out the bad luck was due to Axe Cop accidentally killing an angel scientist. Axe Cop's team were able to repair and heal the angel scientist where the angel scientist was able to repay them by dousing them with Good Day Potions.[38]
  • Axe Cop has a theme park called Axe Land that is so large, that it has it's own planet.[39]
  • Axe Cop has met Bigfoot and has invited him onto his team.[40]
  • Axe Cop learned that the Moon Warriors Fire Slicer and Vampire Wolver survived their ordeal with the God of All Bears and even told them how they encountered Telescope Gun Cop who was killed by the bears. Upon being relieved of the Moon Warrior's survival, Axe Cop was seen with Telescope Gun Cop's weapon and states that he now has an army of bears on his side.[41]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Axe Cop wields an axe in battle against bad guys. When on the "Always Shift," Axe Cop sleeps for 2 minutes. Whenever Axe Cop is surprised at anything, he temporarily melts.

Axe Cop has a hypnotize button on his right wrist whenever he wants to hypnotize anyone.


Axe Cop appeared in the Axe Cop TV series voiced by Nick Offerman.

TV ShowsEdit


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